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10/7/2018 2:23:22 AM

DSR (SRL): Destiny Sparrow Racing, Sparrow Racing League™ suggestion

so here is an idea a haunted house / abandoned Vex HUB. that works 2 ways 1 is a strike and the other is a SRL track. and both are a public space. so as your racing you could have guardians who are doing the strike in the background. strike setup a maze where a track is running through under and above where you are. the strike boss is the best part. there is no boss. there is each time it spawns a hidden treasure chest in one of the areas that you have to find. and lots of floors drop out traps jumping puzzles and its all in a no spawn point if you die you get kicked to orbit. or the start. rewards could be an exclusive emblem, a glowhoo shader, or a fancy broom sparrow. the race course is just a race course. with false turns and a triggered event where the entire track falls apart. and you have to outrun the discretion. as sparrow racing is PVP this should be a PVP map for sparrow racing and PVE for the strike.

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