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10/5/2018 9:46:08 PM

Gambit Catchup Mechanic thought through properly?

The mechanic is fine as it is.


The mechanic needs some work.


So i've played a fair bit of Gambit since it came out and while the game mode is fun in light of some of the recent issues (sleeper op, invader shield/true sight disputes) the one issue that i've even thought about exploiting with my team is the catchup mechanic within the game. As i can tell if a team kills their Primeval's envoys before the opposing team summons then the opposing team starts with a primeval slayer buff of x4 and further kills add to it. I'd be okay with this if the other team banking up and getting their primeval out didnt also mean that they get 2 to 3 back to back invades that we have to deal with. With the distraction of these invades the losing team can simply save a super or two and melt their primeval within seconds of it spawning... I guess my question is if you start stronger by waiting for the other team to get ahead then what incentive is there to be ahead in the first place? I predict teams will soon simply wait for their opponents to start damaging their primeval(usually a sign that envoys are down) then summon, invade, and melt their boss seconds later. Maybe this mechanic needs some looking into. How does the community feel about this?

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