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Изменено (RiisWolf): 10/5/2018 1:36:44 PM

Making our powerful gear drops increase 1 point at a time is unacceptable!

Sometimes there is no increase. It's as bad as the first Destiny engram system at launch. Whenever you do a daily or weekly, there's a chance that because of these pitifully insignificant increases that it will give you gear in a slot that already has something its level or higher, usually by 1 or 2 points. All that time and effort down the drain. Daily? Well screw you! Come back tomorrow. Weekly? You think this is a charity? Piss off and come back next week. Has this happened to you more than 5 times in a row? Well tough luck champ! Have fun being stuck at 520 for a while longer. This is unacceptable! Who thought this was a good idea? What was the point??? To keep us around by actively wasting our time?

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