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Destiny 2

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11/17/2017 6:01:01 AM

Why all the hate?

[i]So I'm curious...[/i] If you were to have one major grievance with Destiny 2, or the franchise as a whole, what would you want Bungie and Activision to address? Is it the lore? Gameplay? Multiplayer and Co-Op? Releases and DLC? Silver and Microtransactions? I see a lot of complaints, but not any supporting reasons why people think Destiny 2 fails as a game. So why all the bitching with no real criticisms included? What would you change, Guardians? [spoiler][i]Also, rather than complaining, try real constructive criticism. Way back in year one of Vanilla Destiny, I wrote a post about how the factions were basically meaningless and how it would be cool to see faction-specific gear and shaders, and that those additions would make factions a valuable game component. Lo and behold, those suggestions came through. Food for thought.[/i][/spoiler]

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