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9/25/2018 8:58:52 AM

It is really disheartening to get a raid loot and immediately infuse it to a better rolled item

Although I'm in favor of random rolls, current system and it's implementation is horrible especially with the armour. With the current system we have full random rolls in all activities even with the ones that you can't grind. There's a chance to get curated version of a weapon. And we have no control over anything so it is based on pure luck. The guns at the moment seems to be ok for now because the loot pool is limited and the perk pool is somewhat ok. But it is still possible that a god roll eludes you even though you get 50 of that specific item. I have to use my outlaw / kill clip+rampage weapons even if I get a new raid weapon. That is why midnight coup and inaugural address are still great even though they do not accept new mods. At least 70% (assuming 1 / 6 chance of getting kill clip or rampage) of the items you get are trash non-viable. And if you add outlaw, correct masterwork stat, good barrel/sight options and ammo perk it becomes insanely hard to get a god roll weapon. Armour is worse. Gone are the days where you choose your style and create a look for your guardian. You have to play with a mix match of armour that are suited to your loadout. And perk pool is huge. Lets say you want to use a rocket. You need additional reserves, power / rocket ammo scavenger and some enhanced dexterity. But your raid armour, which just dropped, has sidearm / submachine gun perks, grenade throw distance and some lovely bow scavenger. Now you can do two things: infuse it to your current best gear to increase your power or keep it so you dont want to lose it where you can't get it back from collection for reasons. The fun part is your skill, dedication or progress has no input on those outcomes. It is RNG over RNG over RNG. It is possible to get a good GoFigure, Edge Transit or even a god roll but try Ether Doctor, Bygones, Nation of Beast you will have a hard time to get even a good roll on these weapons. There are already good solutions for this in different games. Destiny can easily add something to current system and make it much better. My suggestions are: Add a reroll system with incremental costs that after a couple of rerolls it will be too expansive and unreasonable to do it and you will try to get another weapon as a drop. Add a very limited to the game like once per week item or a currency that will allow us to change a perk to a desired one. So if you have an outlaw weapon, you can add rampage or kill klip on top of it. After that you will work towards barrel/sight, ammo perk and masterwork stat. It will still take 3-4 weeks to change a single item to a god roll version. TL:DR Random roll system is not bad but it must be fixed Random rolls forces players to choose loadouts solely on perks rather than items themsleves. Items that cannot be grinded like raid loot suffer a lot with a full rng random roll system. It is fun to have a god roll weapon but my grandma can have a god roll and I might grind 1000 hrs and never see one. There need to be a system that would allow us to change perks with a limited currency

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