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Изменено (DelElite09): 8/25/2018 12:33:16 AM

In Forsaken, Will Power Level Actually Increase your Power vs Only Decreasing your weakness?

So far, Power level has only been a glorified progression gate, slowly allowing you to not be too weak in certain activities, but beyond that (from what I've learned) you gain no advantage when your power level is over the minimum requirement. Is that still going to be how power levels work in Forsaken? Edit: I don't think we should steam role night fall or raid bosses (although that would be fun near the end of a season), but being 10+ the minimum requirement should have noticeable impact without having to bust out a calculator and carefully measure each damage number to figure out the advantage. You don't want us to over power an activity too much? Set the requirement really high. Easy peasy.

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