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Destiny 2

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Изменено (SoulwaxShibuya): 9/26/2018 8:02:53 AM

Public Matchmaking isn’t very good

If I want to do a public event like Blind Well or Escalation Protocol I seem to get placed in lobbies that have barely any people in them. This is really stupid if you think about it because Destiny limits your fireteam to 3 when going onto a planet for seemingly no reason at all, preventing you from just playing with a large group of friends/randoms from the app, then simultaneously prevents you from finding games with randoms the normal way too. I know you can use the app or whatever but that’s really convoluted and inconvenient when all I’m really trying to do is find a lobby with people in it in this MMO game. The app also prevents you from playing with your friends and randoms at the same time because you don’t join a fireteam with your current fireteam in the app. I’m just sick of having to go through this cycle of loading onto a planet, realizing there’s nobody else on it, then having to go back to orbit and load onto the planet again.

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