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Изменено (SkinPoppeR): 9/22/2018 5:31:38 PM
3 here?

I’ve seen enough lore at this point to believe Taox is alive and possibly been here since the beginning. Only question is “who” or “where” is Taox. Many theories exist. She is The Mother Morph. First to bear that name. In fact she inspired Savathün to take the Mother form. She is also the reason why the lives of creatures of Fundament tripled in lifespan. (sounds way too familiar) Now without going too deep into everything I must make something clear: Oryx was never wrong. Never. After a billion years of dominance not one of Oryx’s premonitions or theories have been false. Oryx even foresaw his death and prepared Malice for his regicide. Taox is the only thing in this universe that eluded him.......or did she? Despite what hearsay we’ve got on thing is certain. She is still alive. Many discussions have taken place on wether or not she could even live this long. How did she achieve this? Cryo Stasis?, Transmogrification?, Ascendence? Regardless. The consensus is Taox lives. So this is where we are at: Taox is alive. But where? Or Who? A number of possibilities exist for the whereabouts of Taox and her identity. First we can go off her general description. Taox has two legs, two arms, and three eyes...... Of course that sounds a lot like our friendly Ahamkara bone lover Eris Morn. But wait y’all will say. “She got those eyes from being stranded on the moon hiding from Hive.” Did she? We have never seen such a transformation on a human when dealing with Hive. Perhaps her disguise simply got “taken” off...he he. Second there is also the possibility that Bungie is gonna make good on an old deleted cutscene. Originally in D1 “The Traveler” was not just some magical space machine. It was a ship. And inside it contained a “Great Mother.” Who had came to this system spreading the Ahamkara species on our worlds and to prepare us for the coming war with The Hive. Remember despite claims she is “sterile”, Taox is literally the First Mother. We also know The Traveler was near Fundament a billion years ago. Even assisted in the ever escalating conflicts in the system. When The Traveler fled, Hive followed. Taox could literally be the being inside The Traveler bestowing gifts upon her once reluctant but now obedient children. A Great Mother raising her children in War to end her corrupted scions. Taox certainly has a talent at staying one step ahead of those Worms. Remember when I mentioned Oryx never being wrong? He predicted his own death at our hands. Even went as far to say: “...I know that I will fall to something mighty. Something that craves might, something that loves what I love, which is the Deep...” Guardians killed Oryx. Guardians who serve whatever “thing” is really in that sphere. Very likely that “thing” comes from the raging shores of Fundament. Lastly the discussion of lore in Destiny right now is “Who is this Queen everyone is speaking with?” Many theories exist. Is this Queen Mara Sov?, is it Savathün?, is it Xivu Arath? (no, Xivu is a coward), ....and surprisingly yes, Taox could be this “Queen” that Awoken, Vex, and Hive all seem to be conversing with in The Ascended Realm. After all Taox wishes she could be.... cunning..... That’s what I got so far off the top of my head. But still I wanted to just get it out there that I believe Taox IS alive and we WILL see her in Destiny in some fashion sooner than most think.

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