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Noticing a lot of hackers lately. Anyone else?

Been getting in quite a few crucible games with hackers lately. Got in one game with 2 hackers who would take 0 damage from supers and seemed to also be invulnerable to power weapons, odd considering I could kill them with kinetic and energy weapons. Defiantly wasn't a connection issue. Tried to grab a recording but the Xbox DVR on PC or whatever the (windows game overlay) is garbage and half my clips are just black screens. Very next game have an 2 aimbotters hitting insane 3 taps on me and my teammates with some hand cannon, kills that I don't think anyone BUT and aimbot could hit 100% of the time. Just left the game after being spawn killed multiple times by these guys. Curious if anyone else is noticing a lot of that crap lately, lets discuss. Not gunna put tags or anything, its just a game, but very frustrating.

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