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Destiny 2

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9/13/2018 1:03:44 PM

The Severe Disappointment

This may be my Opinion, but Bungie has completely ruined the Story and Characters in Destiny. in Warmind, the bring back a Dead Guardian who fought in Twilight Gap... And Zavala completely Changes his opinion on Rasputin, insulting him and considering him a useless broken Weapon... But in D1 he said Rasputin would be the one key to getting a Second Golden Age, what a hypocrite... In Osiris, we pretty much learn nothing and it's honestly just a waste of 2 Hours. In Forsaken, we finally get to team up with Cayde and see him Develop more Character, we get to actually care about him more... However, he's killed off like a Dog... A damn dog... Put down with a Bullet to the Heart, only to fall to his final slumber in our arms... Not to mention the fact that Uldren had no character Development to see WHY he became this major enemy and dickhead... Does his sister share the same Views as him? I don't think so, why is he so confused and insane!. Honestly, the DLC's are disappointing and full of lore-retcons and character changes... Not to mention the kill off Cayde, after NO Development until RIGHT BEFORE he dies... Wow.

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