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"Levelling to 50 as fast as humanly possible…OR ELSE"





Don't care.


[quote]"All members of the clan are expected to level to 50 as fast as humanly possible. If you want to “experience the content” please do so after you have reached 50, or on another character. Here is how we will be leveling: You will log in to the game, and look for an officer. One of the officers will assign you to a 5 man group. The 5 man group will run the appropriate instance level over and over again until someone has to leave, at which point, an officer will assign a replacement. No questing No BGs No ‘grinding solo’ No Tradeskills No “farming” No “Checking out the new sub-classes” If you are online, you will be expected to participate in one of the groups running 5 man instances. The only exceptions to this will be if there are not enough people for you to group with, etc. There will be PLENTY of off-hours downtime to goof off if you wish, but during prime-time, I swear to Thrall I will /ckick your ass if you are screwing around with stupid #%*! instead of participating in the leveling grind."[/quote] [b]edit:[/b] Another message from the clan founder: [quote]"Clan members are treated more like prized athletes than kids. It's my job to provide clear direction and focus so that our team is all on the same page toward the same goal. It's called leadership."[/quote]

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