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9/11/2018 10:41:17 AM

Chaotic Senpais are Looking for new members!

Good day to all fellow guardians My small clan is looking for active new members to add. Is that why your here I thank you Anyway I would go on to about how great and amazing the clan is and how it's all about u have to be so good at this or so good at that but why it's a clan does it have to be serious and all about being god at all activities. For what the clan is looking for new members. Willing to help other clan members or anyone that asks for help that's not wasting your time Able to get clan xp done and co operate with other clan members Have fun in the party chat with us all Enjoy playing destiny 2 with us Teamwork - if u mess up own it and try again No giving up at the first five fails on anything (insert clan motto here) We are a chill clan. Come and join and chill and enjoy destiny 2. Thank you for reading! Chaotic Senpai's leader out! Please messages any admin on Xbox live or me stating you want to join the clan and were you found the post thank you and hope to see you as a potential member! 😊

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