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(PS4 PC XB1) All ages! Open enrollment!! very active!!!

Hey there! So me and a few buddies have recently made a new clan, we thought it'd be a good time since Forsaken finally came out. It's a handful of us but with your help we hope to grow and achieve greater things/numbers. We would like to say EVERYONE AND ANYONE is welcome. Race, age, or beliefs none of that matters to us, but we'd prefer people with friendly attitudes who take other peoples feelings, skills, and well-being into consideration. We won't tolerate any BS, bullying, fighting, or any other type of drama. We definitely DON'T WANT ANY ELITIST. No one is better than anyone we don't care if you're a god or carry people you're replaceable just like we are, we don't want to hear it and we don't need it!! We mainly want chill people who are willing to help one another and just have a good time. Now that being said it doesn't mean we don't like to get competitive! Because We do! some of us love it. We're mainly here to play some games and have fun with one another. Also don't worry about not being inactive as we know how spontaneous life can be especially with kids, spouses, jobs, special cases, ect. (Most of us are adults so we hope you understand as well) We hope later on our "clan" can be thought of as more of a family, or better yet think of "us" as a gaming community, since We all have other games we enjoy playing but consider this one our main game I'd assume. So thank you for your time! We hope you'd like to join, if not we hope to see you out there! Goodluck and Happy hunting guardians!

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