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Изменено (OmegaGenetics): 9/8/2018 3:10:10 PM

Can we pull Forsaken items from the Collections tab with static rolls?

I get why some people like random rolls, but it's kind of shitty being on the side of people who loved D2 as it was then having that totally ripped out from under us. So as a compromise, why doesn't Bungie come up with a static roll for new gear that we can pull from collections? You've already did this with year 1 exotic armor for example. That way people who just want to play the game can do so and the people who prefer the Skinner box loop can chase the rolls they like should they choose to do so. Static rolls was a design choice I very much appreciated with the release of D2. Weapons were unique and had character. Most importantly to me, I could get a drop, get excited, and get right back to doing what Destiny does best: shooting baddies in the face. You know what I absolutely abhor? Doing a token dump at Shaxx and having to spend half a goddamn hour comparing 6 versions of the same gun to figure out which one is "best." I'd like to play Destiny not sit through the anxiety of [url=]analysis paralysis[/url]. It's exactly why I hated Borderlands: me and my friend spent around 50% of our game time just managing inventory. I don't want to think this hard in my recreational entertainment. It's boring and unfun, plus I'll be hard pressed to mod or masterwork an item now since a "better" version is always just around the corner... Please let the static roll fans have the game we grew accustomed to and preferred. That way everyone wins

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