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9/5/2018 2:45:44 AM

Gambit; Sleeper Simulant

I thought the gamemode was fun during the free trial, now it's become a hot zone for sleeper stimulant and golden gun. I can understand golden gun not getting a change, but sleeper really needs to do less damage at range. Getting one shot across the map (even at times during a super) isn't fun, and does not take skill, especially since invaders know your location at all times, making for a pretty inevitable death. Even with overshields you will be one shot if they catch you invading. With everybody running it, stay away from gambit for a while, especially if you are a solo player. I don't understand how the community is so opposed to just nerfing the range. It melts Primeaval's in seconds and really isn't fair to somebody who wants to run literally anything else.

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