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The Eliksni of the Light Issue 1 part 2

[u]Page 17[/u] Yielsis standing up in surprise with Variks in the foreground. (Yielsis: I recognize you!) (Variks: So, it appears your memory is fragmented greatly.) (Yielsis: You can understand me?!) Variks points his arms towards the door. (Variks: It helps when we're both same species.) (Come, and I'll explain more.) Yielsis heads towards the door. [u]Page 18[/u] Yielsis steps out of the door and out into the Vestian Outpost and looks around curiously. She then notices the crowd. The Awoken outside the ship look at her in amazement. Petra looks at her without a change to her previous expression. Yielsis shyly waves to the crowd. Variks appears behind them. (Variks: Don't let fame go to your head.) Variks headed down the ramp with Yielsis close behind. [u]Page 19[/u] Variks, Petra and Yielsis walking through the Vestian Outpost. Yielsis is looking around the place. (Yielsis: What’s happened here?) (Variks: Cabal attacked us.) (Yielsis: The Red Legion?) (Variks: Yes. They decimated the Reef. Many Awoken were killed. Some escaped, but we remained. Stranded. We are trying our best to keep the Web together. But, it has been difficult with coping with attack, raiders and the Escape.) Yielsis looks at Variks in confusion. (Yielsis: The Escape?) (Variks: Escape from Prison of Elders. Champions from the races of Sol gathered over the years. Red Legion breached the Prison. Prisoners escaped; fled to every corner of our System. Now, hunt begins again.) Yielsis sighs with a hand on her forehead. (Yielsis: I swear, you're making about as much sense as the voice in my head is.) Variks looks over to her in confusion. (Variks: Voice... in your head?) [u]Page 20[/u] Yielsis looks at Variks. (Yielsis: Yes. She spoke to me when I first woke up, and she's been telling me things I didn't know.) Variks turns around. (Variks: Huh. Interesting.) Variks walks away. (Yeesh, why don't you tell them your shoe size while you're at it?) Yielsis looks up. (Yielsis: Why? What did I do wrong?) (Oh no, you're right. I'm sorry. You just keep telling everyone you meet about the voice in your head. I'm sure they won't think you're crazy.) Yielsis sighs. (Yielsis: Fair point.) [u]Page 21[/u] Yielsis heads over to Petra's post. Monitors are all around her. Variks is nearby. A closer look at the monitors. They display details on some prisoners who had escaped from the Prison of Elders. ⦁ Stioceon, Simulation Mind: Co-ordinates indicated planned destination was to Io. Extremely high threat level. ⦁ Talskor the Light Maddened: Location currently unknown. Extremely high threat level. ⦁ Voice of Savathun: Co-ordinates indicated planned destination was to the Dreadnaught in Saturn’s orbit. High threat level. ⦁ Psion Flayers of the Ice Reapers: Co-ordinates indicated planned destination was to be Mars. Moderate threat level. ⦁ Primus Lau'urc: Scouts have found her and a small group of Broken Legion Cabal at the Hilda Family. High threat level. ⦁ Xerkis the Bannerless: Co-ordinates indicated planned destination was to the European Dead Zone. High threat level. Petra looks at the monitors, deep in thought. Yielsis is next to Variks. (Yielsis: I'm guessing she doesn't talk a lot.) Variks looks over to Yielsis. (Variks: Petra? Yes, too busy focusing on keeping Reef together to have idle chat.) (Yielsis: Oh. Well, I hope she's keeping herself well.) (Petra: Variks, come here. I need your advice.) Yielsis and Variks look over to Petra. [u]Page 22[/u] Yielsis looks at Variks and Petra as they talk. (So. What do you think so far?) Yielsis turns around. (Yielsis: Well, things are making a bit of sense.) (Yielsis: But, why don't they just call the Guardians to help them?) Awoken and Frames carrying boxes and another holding a relic with a void cloud around it. A figure in a robe and the Nezarec's Sin helmet is looking at it. (The Red Legion took out any communications the Reef had with the rest of the Solar System. No one came to help them. (While the rest of the system was dealing with the Red Legion, they believed they were abandoned and left to die.) (All of that calm discussions with the Guardians, and all that peace between Awoken and Humanity...) Yielsis looking at the crowd. (Right down the drain.) Yielsis looks at the ground. (Yielsis: That's horrible. Do you think there's a chance that they could establish communication with the rest of the system?) (Possibly. But, that would require a lot of resources. Resources that would take away from supplies to keep the remaining denizens living.) [u]Page 23[/u] (Variks: Eliksni. Petra wishes to speak with you.) Yielsis looks over to Variks. Yielsis walks over to Petra and Variks. Petra looking at Yielsis. (Petra: So. You're what the Crows and the Techeuns have been talking about?) (Yielsis: Yes. I’m here.) (Variks: She says she is here.) Petra moves her head closer to Yielsis. Yielsis’s face has a look of awkwardness. (The so-called “Eliksni of the Light”.) (Yielsis: Uh, s-sure. Th-that’s me…) (Variks: She confirms your statement.) (Petra: Show me.) Yielsis backs away a bit in surprise. (Yielsis: Wh-what?!) (Variks: She is confused.) (Petra: I don't believe rumors until I've seen them for myself. Now show me your power.) Yielsis backs away to give herself a bit of space. (Yielsis: Okay then. Get ready to be amazed.) (Variks: Prepare expectations.) Yielsis moves her hands in front of her rapidly as she shuts her eyes. [u]Page 24[/u] Petra and Variks look at Yielsis who still has her arms outstretched. Yielsis opens an eye to see nothing. She looks down at her hands in confusion. (Yielsis: What? B-but it worked well last time.) Petra reaches for the pistol at her hip. (Well Variks. It looks like your experiments have failed again. Time to put another one down.) (Variks: What shame.) Petra points her pistol towards Yielsis. A black screen with a single blade slash across it. Petra and Variks look on in surprise. The front half of Petra's pistol falls of, showing molten metal where the cut was. Yielsis in a crouched position with two Fallen blades made of light in her lower hands. Petra smiling. (Petra: Hm. I suppose that answers that.) [u]Page 25[/u] (Petra: Now that we know the stories are true, you're going to help us find our missing prisoners.) Yielsis stand near the monitors with Petra and Variks in front of her. (Yielsis: Alright. So, who's the first guy I have to catch?) (Variks: She wonders what her prey shall be.) A monitor showing a Taken Knight with a large cleaver in his hand. ⦁ Artra, Taken Blade. Found in the Reef at the settlement on 2 Pallas. Wanted back alive at all costs. Petra, Variks and Yielsis looking at the monitor. Yielsis is looking slightly concerned. (Petra: Here's a good first catch. Not far from here and not too tough. Just right for you.) (Yielsis: I don't know. I mean he looks too tough for me.) Petra turns her head to look at Yielsis. (Variks: She is concerned about it.) (Petra: Relax. It's Taken. They're not that smart.) Petra turns back to the monitor. (Variks: Though, it hasn't fled from the Reef. Curious.) (Petra: Maybe he just hadn't gotten the memo.) [u]Page 26[/u] Variks and Yielsis walking away from Petra. (Variks: I shall take her to get her weapons for the mission.) Yielsis and Variks in a weapon armoury. Yielsis is standing back while Variks is looking for a gun among various Awoken and Fallen themed weaponry. Close up of Yielsis looking up. (What are you doing standing there?) (Yielsis: What am I doing wrong this time?) (You're just sitting by while someone else picks out your weapons.) (I mean, do you think Cayde-6 got his personal gun from some shmuck?) Yielsis looks up confused. (What's a Cayde-6?) (Doesn't matter.) Yielsis facing at a rack of Fallen weapons. (Now just pick anything you like the look of.) Yielsis sees something. A pair of Fallen sidearms on the rack. (Yielsis: Those two look interesting.) (Good choice.) [u]Page 27[/u] Variks holding a Reef Auto Rifle. (Variks: I think this will do just fine.) Variks sees Yielsis holding the two sidearms in her lower arms. Variks places the gun back onto the rack. (Variks: Very well then.) Variks facing Yielsis. (Variks: Find Koltie. She will take you to your prey.) Variks watches Yielsis heading out of the door. (Variks: She has done well so far.) (Variks: Much better than the previous.) [u]Page 28[/u] Yielsis lands on an asteroid in the Reef. Yielsis holding a communicator in her upper left hand. (Koltie: Alright, let me know when the Taken Knight is Taken care of.) Yielsis looks confused. (Koltie: It’s a pun.) (Yielsis: What’s a pun?) (Koltie: Nevermind, I’ll explain later. Good luck with the Knight.) Yielsis watches Koltie’s ship fly away. Yielsis facing towards the archway of a settlement in ruins. (Yielsis: Well. Here we go.) [u]Page 29[/u] Yielsis wandering through the destroyed settlement. Many of the buildings are heavily damaged or just completely destroyed. Some Cabal equipment can be seen scattered around. (Yielsis: What happened to this place?) (The Red Legion is what happened.) Shot from a doorway of a destroyed house. Yielsis walking past the building. A single small Awoken forearm can be seen poking out of rubble in the foreground. (They brought down their might after they attacked the Vestian Web. The settlements lacked defences to match their power. Complete slaughter, and few survivors.) Yielsis looking up as she is walking. (Yielsis: Okay, but where are the Red Legion?) (Not sure. The only time the Cabal retreat was at the start of their war with the King and his Taken forces.) Yielsis looks surprised as she hears a loud thump. Yielsis looks to see a massive Taken Knight wandering down the lane ahead of her. (And speak of the Devil, there it is.) Yielsis lifts her pistols from their holsters.

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