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The Eliksni of the Light Issue 1 part 1

[u]Page 1[/u] A picture of the Traveller. (They called it The Traveller.) A picture of The Light in a circular form. (It gifted Humanity the power of the Light.) A Titan, Hunter and Warlock stand before the Traveller. The Warlock has the light floating in its hand. (And to wield this power as a weapon for good, was to bestow upon you the title of Guardian.) Dominus Ghaul is shown with the Guardians in the background. (I suppose you could say Dominus Ghaul was a Guardian.) (However, his methods of obtaining the light could be considered…) The Guardians in the background are gone, replaced with the Traveller with the Red Legion’s cage attached to it. (…unorthodox.) [u]Page 2[/u] The Last City is in flames and the Traveller captured as Red Legion ships appear above them. Various members of the Red Legion can be seen on the ground such as Legionaries, Psions, War Beasts, Gladiators, etc. (He led a brutal army of warmongers known as the Red Legion...) Ghaul's face plate lying on the grey floor. (...And died trying to claim the Traveller's power as his own.) (But this was all after the Attack on the Reef.) Awoken running from Red Legion firing at them. (After the Prison Breach.) A monitor shows hundreds of objects leaving the Reef and spreading out across the System. After… the Experiments. (A Fallen Wretch strapped to the wall crying out in pain with light in place of its eyes.) [u]Page 3[/u] (To understand this, we must look back.) (To the first true battle of this Red War.) The Reef with destroyed ships, mostly Reef ships with some smaller Red Legion ships scattered here and there. An Awoken settlement in the distance can be seen destroyed. (When hope seemed lost.) Awoken refugees walking through a destroyed settlement with one of them crying. (Evil was spreading.) Three Guardians wearing Desolate armour kneeling before a hooded figure. Light shaped as a figure shown lying on the floor. (And a Legend was forged.) The Light dissipates to show a dead Vandal. [u]Page 4[/u] A close-up of the Vandal's eyes shut. They then open suddenly, accompanied with a gasp. She quickly lifts herself up with a gasp, placing her left hand on her accompanying knee. She looks around the room. A single light in the room is above her. (Vandal: Where am I?) She takes notice of her three fingered hand. She then got a feeling from under her cloak. She lifts the feeling out of the fabric to show that it has three additional arms. A first person shot of all four hands. (Vandal: What am I?) [u]Page 5[/u] (Move.) The Vandal looks around in surprise. (Vandal: Who... said that?) (You. Must. Move. Now.) The Vandal slowly stands up. It moves to the door. The door opens. The Vandal pokes its head from around the corner. Ahead of it is a hallway with debris slightly covering the ground. A few Red Legion bodies can be seen lying on the ground and hunched against the walls. [u]Page 6[/u] The Vandal is walking down the hallway. (So... Do you have a name?) Close of up of the Vandal's mouth. (Vandal: Yiel... Sis.) Yielsis stops in surprise. (Yielsis: How did I know that?) (Yielsis. That’s a nice name. Do you remember anything else?) Yielsis looks up slightly. (Yielsis: Not... really. I'm mean, kind of. But...) Four blurred pictures shot from first person of a big four-armed creature lowering a hand forward, a pair of arms outstretched with barking and roaring being heard from behind, a muscular figure covered in red standing above, a ball of light ahead with a figure in a cloak and a green, four-armed figure on the left and right respectively. (Yielsis: Everything's so fuzzy.) [u]Page 7[/u] Yielsis continues to walk down the hall. (Yielsis: What happened to this place?) (That depends. Where do want me to start? The Attack? The Breach? The Escape? The Experiments?) Yielsis comes around a corner. (Or perhaps, you?) (Yielsis: From the beginning?) A long shot of Yielsis walking down the hallway. (Alright then. Not long ago, there was a war. Between an Ancient King and his Taken armies, a Legion known only as the Skyburners, and the Guardians of Earth. In time, the King would be slayed by the Guardians of Earth.) (But the Skyburners' forces would be decimated and their commanders slayed. With no other choices left, they sent out a cry for help to their empire across the universe.) (And in time, someone answered.) Yielsis exits the hallway and enters a large room with a purple light covering it. (A Legion coated by blood; one that would bring this entire Solar System to its knees.) Yielsis looks up with a look of shock on her face. (And at the start of their campaign of slaughter...) The sky above her is filled with destroyed and damaged ships against a purple sky. (...We would be the first to fall.) [u]Page 8[/u] Yielsis looks down at her hand where she sees a small glint of light appearing. (Yielsis: What am I?) Full body shot of Yielsis. (You are a former pirate, with powers not seen by your people for centuries.) (You are something that Sol has never bared witness to before.) (You are-) (OVER THERE!) Yielsis is surprised. [u]Page 9[/u] Yielsis looks behind her to see five Awoken Guards with guns, all aiming at her. (Awoken Commander: We will not harm you unless provoked. Come peacefully Fallen, or we will have no choice.) Yielsis look very confused. (Yielsis: Who are you? I-I don't know what's going on, or what I'm doing here!) The Awoken looking at Yielsis with confusion as she just stands there with just hisses and clicks leaving her mouth. The next two panels flip from one of the Awoken to another on either side of the lead one. (Awoken 1: Sir, we must help it. It looks scared.) (Awoken 2: Bullcrap. It's probably faking it. We lower our guard and that thing will attack.) Yielsis looking more worried. (Yielsis: Didn't you hear me?! What's going on?!) [u]Page 10[/u] One of the Awoken looking confused. (Awoken 1: Mam, look at its hands.) Shot of Yielsis. The sparks of light in her hands have grown exponentially. The second Awoken aiming it gun at Yielsis. (Awoken 2: It’s charging its attack. Surrender Beast or we will shoot!) Yielsis with some tears forming in her eyes. (Yielsis: Why can’t you understand me? I don’t know what going on. HELP ME!) Shot of Yielsis’s feet as she charges forward. Shot of an Awoken mouth yelling. (OPEN FIRE!) Bullets fire from the Awoken’s guns. [u]Page 11[/u] Three shots of the side of Yielsis’s head is shown: Her eyes are shut tight, the lower one peeps open, both open in surprise. Yielsis with her arms outstretched. A barrier made of light is being projected from her hands. The Awoken look on in surprise as the barrier dissipates. (Awoken 2: What the Hell?) Yielsis looks at her hands in surprise. (Yielsis: What the?) Yielsis looks up at the Awoken. Close-up of the lead Awoken looking at her in astonishment. (Awoken Commander: She’s the one.) [u]Page 12[/u] The lead Awoken raises his hand to signal the other Awoken. (Awoken Commander: Lower your weapons.) The Awoken behind her lower their weapons, except for the one on the left of the lead. (Awoken Commander: All of you.) The Awoken to the left lowers his weapon with a frustrated look on his face. The lead Awoken reaches hand out to Yielsis. (Awoken Commander: Come with us.) Yielsis looks at them confused; she raises her arms in defence. (I would if I were you. You know, unless you want to continue aimlessly wandering this place.) Yielsis walking towards the door behind the Awoken. [u]Page 13[/u] A single medium sized ship leaving a floating structure with four Ceres Galliots flying alongside the medium ship. Yielsis looking at the front of the ship where the pilot is stationed. Sat opposite to her is an Awoken Soldier with their gun laying on their lap. Yielsis looks up. (Yielsis: What is-) The Awoken Soldier looks up at Yielsis and give her a stare. Yielsis looks back at him nervously. (Try whispering next time? You'll look less crazy.) Yielsis looks annoyed. (Yielsis: Fine. Is this better?) (Very.) [u]Page 14[/u] The five ships flying through the Reef. (Yielsis: So, as I was about to say. What is going on?) (No idea. I’m honestly as lost to what’s going on as you are.) (I guess they think you can provide protection or be a hero they need.) Yielsis looks down onto the floor. (Yielsis: Why would they think I’m a hero?) (They’ve seen your powers. They know it’s the same powers used by the Guardians. To them, you could be a beacon of hope.) The five ships heading towards the Vestian Outpost. (After they were decimated by the Red Legion, they’ll take whatever hero they can find.) [u]Page 15[/u] The medium sized ship stands docking at the Vestian Outpost. A group of Awoken has gathered to see what’s on board. Petra and Variks push their way through the crowd to the front. The ship lowers a ramp out. The door open to show the Awoken Commander. Variks walking towards the Commander. (Variks: Ah Koltie. You are well? How was the Prison?) (Koltie: Oh, you know. Still reeks of death.) Side shot of Variks and Koltie. (Variks: Yes. Where is the Vandal you mentioned?) (Koltie: From what I could tell from it, probably hiding at the back of the ship.) Variks moves past Koltie. (Variks: I shall speak to her. She may find safety speaking to another Eliksni.) [u]Page 16[/u] Yielsis sitting in the corner. She can hear the Awoken chattering outside. (You are ok?) Yielsis looks up to the door. Variks standing at the door. (Variks: You understand me, yes?) Yielsis gasps with a shocked look on her face. The blurred image of a ball of light ahead with a green, four-armed figure zoomed in to focus more on the green, four-armed figure. (Green, four-armed figure: I assure you that she…) The blurred figure changes to show that the figure is Variks. (Variks: …will not be another failure.)

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