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9/2/2018 1:27:27 PM

[BLOCKER] [2.0.0] Quest: Warmind's Glory: Sleeper Simulant inaccessible due to Heroic Strikes being removed

[b]Description:[/b] [i]The exotic quest "Warmind's Glory" becomes blocked mid-quest due to Heroic strikes being inaccessible, making the sleeper simulant unobtainable in 2.0. [/i] [b]Repro Steps:[/b] [i]1. Own the Warmind expansion 2. Receive the first quest step of Warmind's Glory upon completion of the main story 3. Proceed through the quest until you receive the step "Heroic Strikes Completed 0/5"[/i] [b]Actual Results:[/b] [i]Observe that the quest won't be able to be updated, neither through heroic daily missions, nor legacy strikes, nor nightfall strikes.[/i] [b]Expected Results:[/b] [i]The quest will be tied to Daily Heroic Quests or Legacy Strikes with the description being updated.[/i] [b]Reference:[/b] [i]Please notice the screenshot attached as of reference to the actual quest step. [/i]

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