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9/2/2018 9:56:03 AM

Gambit feedback

Overall score at the bottom. Praise: I don't think I've had this much fun since Halo: CE Shotguns only gametype on Chrion TL-34. Absolutely pure madness on the game combined with enough capabilities to let teams be flexible about strategy (and lack thereof) which is what Chiron was used for. Question: Why so many invasions during primeval and why give each newcomer an overshield? We have zero clue where they are coming from and secondly, we are not focusing on them, but the objective. Polish: You absolutely need to keep all guns capable of clip killing. That means Skyburners Oath and a bunch of exotics I've been testing need to be given the same capabilities as all other exotics and it is certainly stupid that it takes 3 clips to kill a phalanx even without the over penetrating rounds. Guardians and their guns are strictly set for crucible so as to give player advantages. Just streamline it for capabilities. Teamwork does not pay off. For me helping with another player, we both get the same set for motes counter. I would suggest 1 mote enemies give credit to the kill player, multiple emotes get split between those who kill it. Just a suggestion.

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