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9/1/2018 9:39:06 PM

Gambit Suggestions (Still awesome though)

First off Gambit is awesome. I personally have never had a taste for PvEvP modes in any game because it tends to be executed poorly and fails miserably (cough cough Halo 5), but Gambit is to much fun. It's amazing as is but I have some suggestions I think the amazing people at Bungie should take into consideration 1. Rerolled enemies At the beginning of the match the Drifter flips the thing and calls an enemy. My suggestion is that the coin should be flipped between rounds instead of a set enemy for each round. This should be interesting because it keeps the players on their toes the whole match. 2. Better small blockers Small blockers are EXTREMELY weak and sending one to the enemy team feels like a half-assed slap instead of the punch in the face it should be. 3. High Value Target escorts The times a HVT has spawned in a match with me it's always spawned alone and separated from other enemies. This is an issue for me because my team and I can just pile on top of it and get it down in not even 20 seconds. My suggestion is give every HVT a small escort of orange/red bar health enemies so that it's a bit harder to take out. Those are my suggestions I really hope Bungie reads this. Other than those last two things I have nothing but praise for Gambit and am looking forward to its full release

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