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9/1/2018 8:17:14 PM

I'm a Lousy Player

That would be me. I am a lone player who loves the game. But I am just not that good. So when I sign up to be part of a challenge I end up being shot at by other players, virtually hit or they leave. They could just play. I am doing my best and I can learn from them. But no. Player bullying and I am sure it is not easy for them to play as two when they thought they had three good players. So I dropped out. Can't level up or learn without help. Bungie needs to offer an option for those of us who aren't fast, aren't that good, don't have other teammates who are friends to learn from. Just get bullied when we try. I am pretty sure I am not the only player to leave Destiny because I can't or don't get a chance to play. And the Crucible? Never.

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