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11/29/2017 4:57:13 AM

Why and how to Remove Boss Mechanics from PVP

While it may come as a shock you you there are a good number of boss mecanics in both Destiny and Destiny 2 PVP. The followinf post Identifies, Explains, and creates a Plan of Removal for the mechanic. This also may include boss weapons and abilities that played a major role in Raids. 1- Sidestepping (the act of walking or moving sideways in order to dodge attacks) This boss mechanic has been around since the earliest strike, as all bosses do it to move around the areana and dodge incoming attacks. The most signifigant example of this mechanic is the bomb sidestepping in Destiny's Wrath of the Machine Raid, during the Vosik encounter. This occurs when the players are about to throw bombs, but the boss sidesteps and dodges all of them, thus forcing the team to do another round. This is seen in PVP by people walking sideways for peek-shots and dodging basic damage. The bast way to remove this would be to remove the ability to move sideways all together, causing players to be forced to fight their enemies head on rather than attacking in short phases. This will force the player to understand the situation better and make the game more based around skill, rather than reaction times. 2- Lingering Damage (attacks that hold down a position or cause damage that takes time to fully be effected on target) While there are two types of Lingering Damage, the one I will be focusing on is the one that holds territory. This was a boss mechanic during the Aksis encounter in the Wrath of the Machine Raid. This can also be seen in various other bosses and enemies, including Fanatics. This is a mechanic that is highly powerful, as a boss can use it to force players to abandon following through with a certain other mechanic, such as holding plates in the Vault of Glass Raid. The only way to avoid it is to stop the damage from starting, which can be done by placing barriers (only Destiny 2) or blocking the view between the thrower and the target. In order to avoid this use in PVP, all grenades and weapons that use this type of damage should be removed in order to allow more direct combat, and force players to have good aim and game sense. 3- Calling for Reinforcements (the act of asking teammates for their assistance in holding an objective or attacking an enemy) Communicating with teams has been an essential part of gaming since the dawn of Multiplayer. While it may seem like a harmless addition to a game, it can actually be quite lethal. When teammates communicate with each other, this shares information unfairly between them, information that is not available to the other team. This causes a major advantage to one team and leaves the other one at the mercy of bad aim. If two teams both have good aim, information is the decider of the battle by causing unfair advantages to each team individually. This kind of play is unacceptable, as it does not teach people to think for themselves when playing, but rather to rely on their teammates. While Bungie cannot stop party chats and skype calls and other communication from third-party applications, they can minimize in-game chatting by removing voice chatting and by not adding text chat to their PC games. Thank you for your time in reading and understanding the issues in both new and old Destiny games, if you have another issue you would like to add, make sure to leave a comment explaining it and telling both why its bad and how to fix it. If you have any small detail you would like to add, please comment that and mention what it applies to so that I can better collect information. Also, make sure to up vote this so that Bungie realizes its issues, and can fix them in a timely manner. If you would like to discuss something in private, feel free to message me on Xbox at Skeetley, or Battlenet at Skeetley#1988. If you are a PlayStation user, feel free to send me a message on this website so I can see it and reply to it, as I no longer have a PlayStation. Thanks again y'all.

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