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8/31/2018 10:46:10 PM

The Forsaken DLC

Bungie, please explain why we are paying for Destiny 2 all over again including the first 2 DLCs just to get the Forsaken DLC. Please make an option where we can buy the Forsaken DLC with the pre-order bonuses included that doesnt make players/Buyers who already have the Base game pay another 100 for content they already have. I am a loyal player and fan since Halo, I have endless hours on D1, all content paid for when the Xbox1 edition dropped its Collection edition. I have paid 100 for D2 in order to play the 1st two dlcs without any issues. Please take consideration for those who have stuck with you guys for thick and thin. Personally this is the final straw for me. I dont want to have to pay another 100 dollars for content i already have. Something fair would be 40-50 dollars for the Forsaken DLC with the collection DLC excluding the base game and the 1st two expansions. Please get back to this post anyone from the crew its important to your loyal playerbase.

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