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"Lost Season 1 DVD Trailer" (I am going to post full Lost episodes)

This trailer is amazing!


This trailer sucks!


I don't care!


Link: [url][/url] [quote]satam55 Published on May 12, 2012 Official trailer for "Lost: The Complete First Season" DVD set.[/quote] Anyone remember Lost, the Tv series that aired 2004 to 2010? Later, I am going to try to post and link full first episodes from Youtube to Offtopic (if I can find any). [spoiler][b]Also, this official trailer for the first season of the DVD set is so absurd from the start, like bold words are dramatically in your face, and the picture of DVD set is also in your face and then explodes in a bad animation![/b][/spoiler] edit: Full episodes of something I post will be under ([b]#mk300mk_fullepisodes[/b])! edit 2: Screw it! I am just going to call it ([b]#Mk300mk_links[/b]) whenever I post something with a link to a video or something!

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