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Изменено (LoneWolf081516): 8/31/2018 4:10:31 PM

Golden Gun is weak in PVE...

Golden Gun needs a damage buff and if I haven’t said it enough.....please add keyhole and combustion back without the need for an exotic armor piece! I was running Gunslinger last night and in the Inverted Spire strike I used golden gun on one of the yellow bar Cabal. Made three precision shots to the head and didn’t even move the health bar but only a 1/4. I also used golden gun on one of the wanted yellow bar enemies that showed up in the same strike and same thing. Also I noticed that per shot on precision damage that I was only getting 4600 per hit. I used a rocket launcher in the same strike and received 8300 on one hit. Something isn’t right. So please give a damage buff to golden gun or see what’s wrong with the hit detection. Thanks!

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