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Изменено (Spidi8): 8/29/2018 10:10:35 PM

TTK is not good still

We waited a year to get this? You gave everyone special like everyone wanted but do you realise that shotguns are extremely easy to use and there is no counter to them? There is more special ammo than in d1 as you re spawn with it every time and shotguns are almost just as good yet you expect to counter rushing shotgun with 3 tap to the head hc? vs a insta kill to the body with destiny movment? When people ask for lower TTK they ask for better primaries mostly not giving everyone 1 hit no brain kill. Right now there is not a single gun that can even try to counter shotgun. In d1 there was Last word in d2 there is nothing. So can you employ some people who can actually play pvp and make the game playable again like d1?

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