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Изменено (PeterParker150): 8/29/2018 1:53:01 AM

Y1 Armour Mods removed from Armour? Will this affect our Mob,Res, Recov stats next week?

Hello, Just seeking clarification about y1 mods and their upcoming redundancy. If I currently run an 8 Mob, 5 Res, 3 Recov Hunter that uses a mobility mod in my hunter cloak, does this mean that next week my Mob stat will be reduced to 7 because the mod will be forcibly removed from my Hunter cloak by Bungie? Just wondering because I don't like running around in PvP with Mobility lower than 8. I know I'll be getting new gear but until I actually have the new gear I'd still like to be able to enjoy my current armour in the crucible.

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