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Изменено (Travissaur): 8/28/2018 9:19:03 PM

When are we getting the Auto Rifle that the Gunsmith has been tinkering with all Year 1 long?

Bungie, the gunsmith has been working on this Auto the entirety of D2Y1. I feel like it's ready for it's time to shine. Make it into a questline like back in D1. So this post can get some steam, put some suggestions in. I'll add mine for an example. Legendary Auto Rifle Banshee's Frontline SLO-12 / Quickdraw / Gift of the Gunsmith* SPO-28 / High-Caliber Rounds SRO-37 / Rampage *Gift of the Gunsmith is a unique perk that if paired with another Gunsmith weapon, this weapon receives a slight increase to handling and mobility. The reason I put three good perks in the second slot is to counter if the player decides to not use a second Gunsmith weapon. Saying that, I can transition easily into the reason to make more then just this gun, make scouts, shotguns, snipers, everything! Put the weapons on display like the Auto and have them be a weekly objective. Make the questline tough but not impossible to finish in a week. So if you have suggestions for other weapons, or an opinion, or even you dont like it put it in the comments! Thank you for reading this and have a great day!

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