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Headcanon, anybody?

[u][i]Little prologue here, I just wanted to address the fact that, yes, I am posting my headcanon to the Lore forum. I think that at this point our headcanons are more important than the personal stories of our characters in the game, and are sometimes more enjoyable than the story that Bungie gives us. If we stay within the Lore, headcanons are completely fine and only serve to make the lore better. I thought that if we Guardians shared our stories, we could bounce them off of each other and improve our stories. Anyways, prologue over. Now on to the actual post.[/i][/u] I personally have a headcanon story involving all 5 of the Guardians I've ever made. And 2 of them are dead. So yeah, that's fun. These Guardians all think of each other as family, although some joined the group later than others and, as I mentioned, some have departed to join that big white ball up in the sky. Anyways, here they are: -First was Merlin, the insanely smart, blunt, and dark humored Awoken Voidwalker who defeated the Dark Heart of the Black Garden, ended Taniks the Scared, first discovered the Taken threat on Phobos, and defeated Aksis before he could become a machine god. He and his Ghost, Bit, gave their lives facing Ghaul on his flagship during the invasion of the Last City. -Next is Tigerlily, a beautiful, kind, and caring Human Gunslinger who always cared more for the streets of the Last City than the halls of the Tower. She became known as the "Kell Killer" for defeating both Draksis of the House of Winter and Skolas of the House of Wolves. She is currently spending time with her non-Guardian girlfriend Jane. -Now for Tekro-2, the strong, noble Sentinel best known for killing Crota, Malok, and the Dark Blade. He was the first in the new generation of Iron Lords to give his life in service when he destroyed the SIVA replication chamber once and for all, allowing his siblings Merlin and Tigerlily to escape. [spoiler]Note: Tekro, Merlin, and Tigerlily all defeated Atheon and Oryx together.[/spoiler] -Then came the hilarious and uncontrollable Striker Ballad-4. Sepiks, Omnigul, the Undying Mind, the Psion Flayers, Bracus Zahn, Nokris, and even the mighty worm-god Xol have all met their fates at her fist. When she's not Shaxx proud in the Crucible, she's guiding refugees to either the Farm or the Last City. -Last is Hermione, the young and energetic Awoken Stormcaller. She was there when Merlin was killed. She was once a Sunsinger who had to be dragged out of the Tower's many libraries, but when the Traveler restored her Light, she felt the power of Arc stream through her. So now you would have to drag her [b][i]into[/i][/b] a library, since she now prefers studying and learning in the field. She destroyed Ghaul and helped Osiris stop the Vex in the Infinite Forest. She is currently trying to convince Markus Ren to race her through the city of Freehold on Mars (and she's sure she could win). So yeah, that is the basic story of my characters in my own headcanon version of the Destiny universe. Do you guys have a headcanon? Is it more or less drawn out than mine. Do you use all your characters in you headcanon or just one? I'm dying to know. Don't be afraid to ask any questions about parts of my headcanon I didn't mention because I have even more beyond the basics.

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