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Изменено (Refl3xes): 8/26/2018 5:56:18 PM

Bungie profile and Battlenet cannot be re-linked, and Bungie gave up trying to help me.

*** I copy/pasted this from a Reddit post I made earlier, so it might seem worded a little strangely I don't know where else to post anymore. Long story short, I tried signing into Destiny Item Manager last weekend and inadvertently un-linked my Battlenet (Refl3xes) from my Bungie profile, which is almost 10 years old. Bungie tried helping for a while but stopped replying. Now I'm lost. ​ The linked image shows what I saw upon signing into Destiny 2 on PC - Planet of Peace is "equipped" but actually shows as the default Warlock emblem, and it says "requires exclusive item." My battlenet had its own Bungie profile created automatically. All attempts to re-link them properly result in a strange placeholder account appearing as you can see here After a week talking back and forth with support on's DM feature, and trying a couple hours' worth of fixes, no luck. Eventually they recommended I make a forum post in the "Help" section on I told them I had tried this, and then they just stopped responding altogether. I even asked why this isn't a database entry somewhere that can be edited manually - no reply. Here's what's even weirder - logging in through the Battlenet credentials takes me to my Bungie profile "Refl3xes", even though they aren't actually linked properly. Now, I wouldn't mind this THAT much except that 1) this will very likely cause future problems if I can't link my accounts and 2) I've purchased 10+ Heart Emblem pins for myself/friends/stream giveaways, and it's my favorite emblem (only one I ever equip since the D1 version came out) - now I can't ever use it again. And I'm very unlikely to ever buy something from the Bungie store again after this. Before you rightfully call me an idiot for causing this problem through DIM, I'll at least say that at EVERY prompt along the way, I double and triple checked that there was clear option stating something along the lines of "this action can be undone at any time in your account settings" - I had a feeling something weird might happen, and it sure did... Bungie has even said that Blizzard wouldn't be able to help since the problem isn't their end. Worst case, I would like Bungie to at least apologize for being unable to help and offer a new code for Planet of Peace. I would be okay with starting a new Bungie profile then (although I'll lose my 10 year old account) but I would very much prefer to get mine back. Sincerely, A decade-long supporter of Bungie games who feels very slighted and disappointed now :(

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