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Arc damage tracking Rocket Launcher, a myth?

Every tracking rocket launcher i've ever gotten or seen has only ever been solar. Has an Arc damage launcher ever dropped for anyone cause i'm kinda feeling like its a Unicorn. "Edit- wow, some sick RLs out there. You guys are real lucky. So i guess i've been unlucky with my launcher drops but it would be sweet to get one before HoW drops. Thanks for all the comments :-) Edit - wow, over 250 comments! Awesome feedback, i will be keeping my fingers crossed for this NF. Thanks for all the cool feedback Edit - holy crap over 400+ comments. Did all my nightfalls, no RL. Can't believe this thread is trending still gonna keep grinding cause hey why not. Edit: lol @ this bump. Was nice to finally trap my unicorn this morning from NF. Check my Hunter, nothing amazing but still pretty cool. Thnx for the almost 700 comments, you guys have some amazing weapons. Edit: my friend is trolling me reviving this thread from the grave. I've had plenty great arc RL in the past few weeks. Edit: Msg RubberDucky84 for Blacksmith shaders & redbull codes. He has 30 of each to give away :-) First come first serve!!!!
#Destiny #UNICORN

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