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Изменено (PeachTree): 8/23/2018 12:12:32 AM

(PC) Super Active and experienced clan wanting to teach and have fun! (Some of the best teachers are here (at least regarded by third party ranking sites) Hello, Collective Conscious (CoCo) is recruiting! (PC) We're an extremely active clan who is looking for more people We play everything. But, we definitely are more chill pve focused Our server boasts some of the BEST teachers you can find. They go through a lengthy test process to ensure we have good, calm teachers Our main goal is community; as such, we take great steps to move towards that goal. Some of the things we do towards this goal are: -Special ranks and incentive for active players (We show respect to our members! We value you guys) -Custom bots to ensure that everyone is active. We have access to game info, and what percentage of clan play you have -We've started making guides to post on youtube on the raid (We'll have beginner stuff. But, we also want to show the advanced stuff. Like how to do 5-1 on throne. So you can earn that 2 man sticker on raid report!) -We're in the process of making a properly set PvP clan skrim tournaments. We intend on (possibly) making montages from these aswell We look forward to seeing you Discord:

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