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Изменено (D3V1L D09 21075): 8/19/2018 9:57:06 PM

Bungie, your changes to Iron Banner have been interesting, but it isn't working.

Iron Banner is frankly absurd yet cool, at this point in development. I like it conceptually, its like the competitive adaptation of Control, but it isn't working in this quickplay, non team oriented environment. Matches are unbearably long and do not reward in any enjoyable way. You don't, in my experience, get any item drops and especially not ones tied to higher ranks in Iron Banner. You don't get rewarded properly, with these roughly 10 minute matches giving FIVE tokens, one fourth of what you need to level up. Meaning you need 100 wins for the new ornaments, frankly absurd, if you ask me.. And this isn't even to mention the community who DO NOT play it as intended, this cool competitive control mode is made worthless by the vast majority of players acting as though this is Supremacy or Clash. People don't focus on playing the objective, on holding and securing things, they focus on how high they can push their K/D and in turn punish players who play to win. Please, keep making cool and exciting armor sets and ornaments that give me the drive to push through this unbearable event, but adjust your gameplay according to how your community is acting, instead of trying to make it more and more and more control based. Until you start rolling out bans for not playing the objective, players won't play the objective. It'll be these pointless clashes with most no longer even paying the objective mind. An eternal standmate in which only maybe half the randoms or some defense focused fireteam can have the hopes of winning. Also just, please, for Gods sake, stop matching solo players against full fireteams. Nobody enjoys that :/

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