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8/17/2018 2:14:51 AM

Easy going, Fun, Helpful, and Friendly to all [Casual]

Hey, everyone! Foresaken is right around the corner and I believe it is about time we band together and whoop some Darkness booty! My name is Chitto and I am clan leader for Ghosts of the Glass Vault [VOG]. My clan is pretty new and small and we are looking for some awesome people to join up! All you need to do to join us is be nice and help a clanmate if you can when they ask! You do NOT....I repeat do NOT need to be active in this clan. You will not be kicked for having a life outside of Destiny. I am not even that active, but I would love to see my small clan grow and become a great helpful community! Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you join thank you even more! Hope you have a wonderful day, Guardians!

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