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8/15/2018 3:08:58 PM

Let's Talk About "Major" Enemies In D2

Hello, Guardians. So, biting the bullet with the inevitable August Patch on the way, I reinstalled Destiny 2 and tried out the Redux missions for Solstice. I enjoyed Homecoming a lot and walked into Spark, thinking that it would be the same kind of enjoyable experience, and I was definitely getting those vibes. Right up until the section with the five Heavy Shanks. In the space of two minutes, I had horrifying flashbacks of Heroic Exodus Crash. Here you have five enemies with decent armor and rapid-fire weaponry that are decent challenges when there is either one Major or at least two normal versions. Now add the damage output and resistance buff that comes with being Majors and you get a single segment of a mission that is not actually challenging, but utterly frustrating. Whoever made the decision to implement this in the mission obviously never played Exodus Crash, or wasn't around when they took it out of the Heroic Strikes playlist. But, aside from that, it displays the current issue that the Major modifier has in Destiny 2, which is that the [i]rate of fire[/i] boost. Why do any of Destiny 2's current enemies need a [i]RATE OF FIRE[/i] boost? They already shoot their weapons with rather decent accuracy, there's no need to give them laser beams of insanely high damage. I propose that, at some point in the future, that this gets fixed. Major enemies in D2 should be as they were in D1. Tougher enemies that hit you harder. That's it. They should not be able to spam you with hits and produce a higher TTK than the current PvP model. It's ridiculous.

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