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8/8/2018 11:15:26 PM

please add mod support for year 1 weapons!

when watching the reveal stream i was very excited for all the changes coming, especally the upgraded masterwork and mod system as it seemed like something that would not only help diversify year 2 weapons, but also allow for year 1 weapons to become special and unique despite the lack of random rolls, i felt this was what the masterwork system was always meant to lead up to! but apparently that's not what's happening, apparently mods are being effectivly disabled on year 1 weapons entirely and as such all the potental customization and improvement that could have happened with them has been thrown out the window, to be honest i'm pretty dissapointed :( if it's possible to somehow add this in during season 5 or something I and quite a few other people would be very thankful!

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