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Destiny 2

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Изменено (Confoosed dork): 8/10/2018 7:24:31 AM

Can we talk about shaders for a moment?

I feel like we can all agree that from launch, Destiny 2's shader system left a lot to be desired. While I see the point of making consumable shaders a reason to re-visit a specific location, or grind an activity, there are elements of the shader system that so many of us loved from Destiny 1 that were inheritely lost due to this change. Things like applying a shader to your full armor set at the click of a button, clearing your armor back to default just as easily, and most, absolutely most importantly, QUICKLY DELETING UNWANTED SHADERS. The most important part of this post, is hoping that Bungie sees it and makes a way to delete shaders in bulk, by stack. However, I think it would also be extremely useful to impliment some sort of collection of shaders, and a new inventory-shader item. An example would be, if I collect a stack of 100 shaders, or, better yet, if over the course of my gameplay, I've aquired a set amount of shaders, I get a shader item that is now equipable, rather than consumable, and when dismantled, can be found in a tab inside of the vault. I feel like this would not only help the overload of shaders so many of us have, but also make way for a new reason to REALLY grind for the shaders we like, to unlock them permanetly! The stack amount could be anything, I feel like even a stack of 50 would be a sufficient challenge and grind for most shaders, especially legendary ones. If you agree please interact with the post to increase the chances of Bungie seeing and considering it! At least for the group shader deletion!

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