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Swords should be moved to the special slot

I think that swords right now are very underpowered as a power weapon. Back in D1 swords could 1-2 shot majors and ultras, and they had a maximum capacity of 50 ammo/sword energy. Swords right now they only carry half that much and don’t do nearly as much damage. In pvp swords are one of the most underwhelming power weapons used. I’m not saying that they aren’t powerful in the right hands, but generally the are very difficult to get kills with unless you are camping in a corner. As I noticed in the stream, the players typically got 1 kill with the sword. While shotguns were getting 2-3 before dying. Which means a special weapon is more viable than a power weapon in close quarters. Since in forsaken the weapons would be moving around quite a bit, I think that swords would be more useful if they used special ammo. This would make them for viable in pvp since they would constantly have ammo, since they are situational and you don’t always have power ammo. It would also provide a nice alternative to shotguns. I realize that there are a couple different ways to improve swords. I just think this would be more effective in both areas of the game (pvp and pve) If you want to see swords improved in a different way, feel free to comment. Like if you want to see this in game. TL:DR: swords aren’t powerful enough to warrant a spot as a power weapon. I think they should be changed to be a special weapon. Edit 1: about simply increasing damage and ammo capacity[spoiler]lots of people are saying just to simply buff the damage and ammo reserve, while this would improve swords considerably in PvE (but only to an extent), they would still be terrible in PvP PvE: from the looks of it, most weapons (rocket launchers, linear fusions, whisper of the worm etc.) in the power slot moving forward are meant to be used on bosses (big guy at end of strikes and raids) swords are terrible for bosses. If you even manage to get close without being killed by the boss or adds, all bosses have the stomp that will kill you instantly. Special weapons on the other hand (shotguns, fusions) are typically used for majors/ultras. Killing majors and ultras are where swords thrive, because they will usually rush you and they don’t have a melee attack that will one shot you. To sum it up, power weapons are used for bosses, which swords are terrible at. And special weapons are used for ultras, which swords are great at. Which makes more sense to me that they should be in the special slot. PvP: increasing damage and ammo capacity wouldn’t effect swords in pvp, they would still be useless. Swords would still be a waste of power if they stayed in the power slot. [/spoiler] Also, I don’t see how swords would be any scarier in PvP than shotguns [spoiler]Moderator edit: This thread has been moved to #Feedback forum so that other Destiny players can weigh in.  [url=] See Cozmo's thread here[/url] for more information about the #Feedback tag and its uses. Feel free to private message the moderator who moved your post, link to topic for further clarification about why this topic was moved.[/spoiler]
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