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7/21/2018 4:06:26 PM

Golden Gun needs to be awesome. I purpose one simple change

So Goldie is all about skill, but with last nerf to base Golden Gun duration on both skill threes there is completely no reward for being fast and precise gunslinger. Bad rewards for skill or invested time is kind of a main theme in Destiny 2. Jokes aside: 8 seconds duration is very short, orbs for precision kills is BAD reward. It is nothing, team might not even be alive to get the orbs and in most game modes it's useless. Most probable fix for would be to extend the duration of bottom tree Golden Gun to be just like Arc Strider, but does it sound skillful? What if, what if we get to have same 8 seconds duration but on every Golden Gun headshot we get +8 second duration and 1 shot back to the mag? Possibility of infinite Super is sick! It might not be for everyone, it might not be the best all around subclass, but it will most certainly reward a skilled hand properly.

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