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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
8/4/2018 7:48:05 PM

FREE Whisper of the Worm carries for folks who still need it!

Hello! Now that we have our clan of 30+ through the Worm quest, we'd like to help those of you who do not have it, get that elusive jerk of a sniper rifle. We'll have two of our clans most experienced in your fireteam with you and we'll see if we can get you through it in one run. May take a couple though... We're good, but we're no Destiny Dattos! Here's our requests of those interested... - Light Level of at least 370. We've gotten a 358 through, but he's like Rainman at this game. - Have a Polaris Lance or Graviton Lance for longer range enemies. Shotguns for close range. Sleeper will work for long range dmg on the bosses. - Be familiar with the jump puzzle and green room shortcut, while we don't mind explaining where to go, since it's timed, the two of us carrying will need to get to the room fast. (Even if you can get to the first room with 10 mins left, that should be enough.) - We may also stream this, so let us know up front if you aren't comfortable with that and we won't stream it out of respect. - Most importantly, have a thick skin and just look to have some fun. Lol. We're all just a bunch of knuckleheads so there is plenty of smack talking and jibjab. If you're interested, add me on PS4: SeanBruno. I'll set up a PSN chat for us to see what time works best and let's get Worms together! It'll be a hell of a story for the Grandkids. Note: If this gets a lot of interest, we'll work a first come first served based on availability. Clan: EquitesCataphractarii - [ECII] Sean

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