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8/4/2018 1:56:55 AM

Escalation protocol tier 7 did not count for moment of triumph, emblem says 0 completions (XB1)

I just completed Escalation Protocol tier 7 for the first time on my account, and did not receive credit for the triumph bounty, as well as the emblem reward saying I did not complete it. I was with the team from tier 1 all the way through tier 7, we did have to redo a couple, but we did manage to finish all 7 tiers, I had my triumph bounty in my inventory, and I even got an item from the chest at the end, but it did not complete my triumph. I also got the "Activate Escalation" emblem from clearing tier 7, but the tooltip says I have zero completions (even though at least 1 is necessary to get the emblem???). Triumph is not complete: [url][/url] Proof of completion of tier 7 by rewards: [url][/url] [url][/url] Emblem says I have 0 completions: [url][/url] This is the first time I was able to run into a group good enough to get past ~tier 4, so of course I was ecstatic at the chance to actually complete it, especially since it was necessary for a triumph, now I'm not sure I'll have another chance until the content becomes obsolete.

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