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Изменено (Kelchan): 8/1/2018 3:43:02 PM

Abnormally Long Waiting Times

For a while now, I've noticed Destiny 2 (PC) would load into worlds much slower than what's expected. Even if I'm playing with a Fireteam, the rest of the Fireteam will load into a map twice as fast as my game. In strike missions, the mission will not start until I load in, which can take up to 3 minutes. When I do load in, nothing seems wrong, I have no connectivity problems and I'm able to explore the map or Strike missions as normal, with the exception of Crucible Matches, when I experience graphical and input lag for the first few seconds of the match I've played this game when it was installed on my SSD, when I first started noticing the wait times, and even when installing the game to another nearly empty non-SSD drive, I still experience the same issue. Reinstalling the game does nothing. The game does not need repairs. Every other game on the Blizzard app will load into games with other players much faster than average. I don't understand how Destiny 2 would act this way.

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