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8/1/2018 3:12:30 PM

Not all bosses should stomp!

I've wanted to write this a few times every year since D1 launched. I personally don't like that nearly every boss and a ton of the minibosses across all of Destiny have had a stomp mechanic when you get close. Every once in a while it can be cool to get up close, do some major damage, and then be blasted away into oblivion, but I think it would be a lot more interesting if Bungie programmed bosses to do...really anything else, when we get too close. Vex bosses could do an animation and then spawn a Fanatic explosion pool underneath them that does serious damage and maybe even de-buffs you temporarily. Taken bosses could do something like Oryx's shadow dome or even just a blight dome that prevents supers (drops you just below), and Cabal bosses could maybe grab a player and crush them into the ground unless the rest of the team damages a certain part of their body. These are just random ideas, but my point is that they could do something, anything really, to distinguish themselves from all the other bosses. Even just flying up into the air to avoid you would be cool. I just think Bungie could stand to use a little imagination and creativity to help mix up boss battles because, in my opinion, constant slamming just gets old...and we're going on 6 years of being stomped by every single thing that is bigger than us. Ideas?

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