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7/30/2018 12:56:48 AM

So...could we get triple Valor weekends throughout Solstice of Heroes?

It's happened only once so far, and I think that the end of year event is a perfect excuse to implement more. The event if 4 weeks long, so that's how many triple Valor weekends I think we should have. Plus, given how hitting Rank 5 Valor is an explicit requirement for the Masterwork on Solstice armor, I think this would make it a little easier for people who've been focusing on PvE this Season. Some PvP players might think of this as unfair, as there are also requirements involving a Prestige Nightfall and the Prestige Leviathan Raid. In response to this, I remind them that Valor is a long-term grind (essentially a time sink), whereas the other two activities only need to be done once per character, and there will more than likely be guardians out there willing to help with both of them. As Valor is almost entirely about the amount of time invested (not even Bounties can help you increase it faster, something that really sucks, considering Vanguard bounties do just that, even if only by a little), I think it really puts people off of it, given just how long it takes. For players who just don't like Crucible, it's a hell of a long tunnel to have to crawl through. I think that triple Valor weekends would drastically increase the amount of players in PvP during the Solstice event, especially considering how the majority of the event is PvE focused.

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