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Eris Morns Droning Call (Fan made)

I have written the flavor text to an armor set and weapon themed after the Taken/Darkness and Eris Morn. I always imagine that Eris has a connection to the Darkness and can feel the pull just as Asher is being converted into a Vex. I imagine the Deep speaking to her telepathically trying to tempt her with what she has lost. *DRONING CALL HELM*   Eris, oh beautiful Eris. Object of my affection. Where do I even begin?   Who am I? An old friend. An ancient admirer.   I have long beheld you my dear. I have observed your comings and goings since the Eater of Hope ascended in wrath with his countless hoards.   With your eyes you have witnessed the truth of the Sword. With your mind you have understood that it is truly majestic. You have felt my call. How will you answer?        #   *DRONING CALL MANTLE*   Good morning Eris. You've rested well I hope. You have a busy day ahead you know.   Recall your time of agony in the dark. Recall the moments when we first met as you clawed your way from the shadows. Who stood by your side? Who championed your efforts? You watched as your companions fell to tooth and blade, yet you carried on.   Look around you Eris. You are cold and alone. You have always been alone. This is your strength. Where is your Vanguard? Where are they who falsely claim to align their cause with your own? You call them Hidden, but they hide only from you for they fear the Logic that you bear. No other understands your drive. No other but I. I have not forsaken you.        #   *DRONING CALL GRASPS*   Good evening Eris. I detect sadness and longing in you. Your thoughts trouble me. Why do you miss the blanket of lies so? Is my cold embrace not enough?   You must not take your loss personal. Your offering was succulent. It was sweet and unwillingly given. A fine feast to the hungry, and a sacrifice of noble quality to feed the carvers of the universe. By cutting away your light you have stepped onto the solitary path of strength. No longer can you lean on the crutch of resurrection. Eris you have but one life now and you have daily proved your worth. How would you have ever known your value while dwelling in the deceit of the Light?   In losing your light you have stepped closer to me than you could have ever been before. Closer to the truth.        #   *DRONING CALL STRIDES*   Hello Eris. How are you doing today? You dream of the Shattered one again. I will not speak of him, but know that he lives. I've grown quite accustomed to his snooping.   What do I want?   There's no need to be so distant. I come as a friend. I come with an offer. A... bargain, if you will. I will restore to you all that you have lost and more. Your sight will be restored and your strength limitless. I offer to you perfection. You will have no more need for one of those imbecilic batteries of the Light as you once did. With new found power you will die and live and die again. Together we will revel in it. You will strike down all that stand in your way for you will be a tempestuous force before the eyes of the living. I offer a crusade of vengeance unending.          #   *DRONING CALL FLAG/BANGLE/FLOW   Do you feel yourself slipping? You grapple with my words daily. You do not eat or sleep. You deprive yourself the luxuries of life all that you may hunt those who are mighty. You do not yield to me and this is beautiful. Your spirit of defiance exhilarates me. Tarry long my mortal lover. Waver on in ambivalence toward my offers. You try to ignore me, to place your mind on your singular purpose. Carry on! Expend your energies and life force until you have nothing left to give. Then, in those fleeting moments before death's icy grasp you shall be wholly mine.   #   Exotic Weapon: Merriment in Malice   Heavy Weapon - Taken themed rocket launcher. Barrel aesthetic resembles Xol's head with open mouth. Leaves green Hive fire behind like D1 Dragons Breath.   "You have seen that the predators were truly the prey and you repress your sympathy for them. Good. You strive to exchange mercy for malice. Delightful. Go end their suffering."   Greetings Eris. You hold so many secrets within. Do the others know? Do they know the depths of your true power? Or are they so blind as to not realize that you have flashed it before their very eyes? You study the arcane diligently and have made much progress. Darkness flows within you in the place of light. You should acquaint them with it someday. Edit : The rocket launcher text refers to Eris using magic to pull us out of Crotas throne world. The Vanguard hardly batted an eye at this. We dont know how strong this chick actually is.

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