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Forsaken vs Annual Pass Is it worth it?

Okay, as jaded as I've become with their franchise after the release of D2 I'm trying to hold onto a small beacon of hope. There appears to be some changes that are, and had to be made before everyone simply left for good. This is a positive thing. And, with each of these shallow expansions we have received we have gotten a new location, but no substance or depth. The writing was horrid and the story lackluster. Everything was dumbed down so bad in the second iteration of the game is was nearly insulting to the original player base. Everything was given to everyone like a participation trophy and nothing was special. Mostly felt like a bronzed turd, shiny new and could be made into a trophy but still just a turd when it boils down to it. With that said, Forsaken might be a game changer, that was like the free April Update back in D1 and TTK as well. Even though TTK was only really the dreadnaught and a pretty decent raid it was the first time new locations were really introduced in the universe. The first time new supers were added and the story was really developed in the game (Grimoire excluded). This I think is worth the $40 or so that is being asked. I am hoping that it'll pump some life into the corpse of a game that it has become. perhaps bring activity to my once very active D1 clan and bring life anew. Where that brings me to is the Annual pass. we are almost a month away from the release and we know nothing really about this pass other than we can buy it now and that there is no new story that will come with it. It'll bring new end game activities and loot etc. . . . . none of this really lets anyone know why we should care? We are told that we don't need it to continue the journey or to keep playing, but from what I have gathered is that it's just watered down versions of expansions that they ask for all the money up front without really explanation on what it is? Now, I know we still have a month until release of the DLC and probably another 2 months before the first black armory or whatever. . . . . . In that time can we be given a reason to care about this thing you are asking us to already buy? Because at this point I'm willing to say," okay I'll play Forsaken, but I guess after that I'm done until D3 and will probably just play something else until then"

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