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6/10/2018 8:35:03 PM

Bug: Faction Rally Warlock Chest Ornament. High-Value targets not counted

Currently i'm trying to farm for the Dead Orbit chest ornament no my warlock and i'm having issues with some High-Value targets not being counted towards the challenge. So far, only a few on Mercury gave me but i haven't been able to pinpoint which ones. I do know the Minotaurs that spawn after activating all 3 Quantum Gates do not provide any progress (unsure if this is intentional). I also had no progression being counted towards my headpiece ornament after spending my renown in the lost sector so this might be a bigger scale issue on mercury, completed the Lost Sector 3 times and no progression. On EDZ however, at the Church area there is a Fallen Captain spawning in the building on the left side of the church. I've killed him atleast 3 times and none of these time's progression was counted towards the ornament. The Vandal that spawns however does seem to give progression while both are announced as High-Value targets i expect both of them to count. I've tried both multiple times including getting kiling blow, not getting the killing blow and not even shooting but just looting the chest. The captain gave no progression in either of the scenario's while the Vandal rewarded progression on each scenario. In conclusion there seem to be a few spots that are not rewarding anything for progression towards the Ornaments mainly being the chest ornament that I'm really encountering this issue with on multiple locations which is really halting the progression. Best regards, Salvenis

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