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7/23/2018 5:02:35 PM

Whisper of the Worm - Thank you!

Bungie, Thank you for returning the Black Hammer (aka Whisper of the Worm) to Destiny. Content people want to play for a reward people want to earn is great. I had a page and a half of friends on yesterday. I ended up helping 5 or 6 people get their snipers after I got mine. I would have helped more, but there was that dry spell between Taken public events... We ended up running Leviathan with three people using Black Hammer and roasted Calus. It felt amazing seeing 100k damage figures light up the screen. I even used it in the Royal Gardens; 56k per headshot (w/ 24 stack)... so nice. Yes, this weapon is somewhat game breaking, but we needed that. Thank you!

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