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7/21/2018 3:22:07 AM

Getting into 9 man teams in Patrol needs to be less time consuming

I enjoy doing Escalation Protocol, but getting enough players together for it is a huge pain in the ass. The most reliable method seems to be: 1) Enter Mars Patrol and pray you end up in a session with at least two other players (and if you don't, keep fast travelling until you do). 2) Message them/invite them to chat and pray they respond 3) Find an extra 6 people and invite them to the fireteams already in the session. 4) Actually start Escalation Protocol Step 1 WOULD be reasonable, except more often than not, I end up in a session that is completely empty apart from myself. The game should funnel more players into each session. Step 2 can be extremely annoying, as most of the time the players will either refuse or ignore you completely. If there were areas that were purely for Escalation Protocol (like Archon's Forge in D1), then it'd be different, as players would go there purely for that, and they'd definitely be interested when you messaged them. Step 3 WOULD be reasonable, except there are no filters for "Escalation Protocol" or "Patrol" in the Find Fireteam section of the forums, neither are there on ANY of the reasonably populated LFG sites. This means all EP-related posts on these sites get lumped in with everything else, and it becomes almost impossible to find people when something like the BLACK SPINDLE comes along and floods the LFG full of hundreds of posts you have to sift through to find ones you want, and completely ruins any chance of people finding any post you make! So yeah, more LFG filters on the Find Fireteam section of the forums would be a big help. Finally, once you've spent at least half an hour, you finally get enough people to start the activity. This REALLY puts me off EP, and for the same reason I hate doing Raids in D2. Getting a group together is extremely time consuming and often more frustrating than the actual activity itself. GAMES SHOULD NOT BE LIKE THIS! If we could just make 6 (or even 9) man fireteams for patrol, this would all be so much easier. [b]To summarize, these are the changes Bungie needs to make to Destiny 2:[/b] [b]1)[/b] More players should be funneled into Patrol together, so each session is more populated. [b]2)[/b] Patrol Fireteams need to have their maximum number of players increased to at least 6. The maximum number of players in a patrol session should be increased to 12 to line up with this. [b]3)[/b] The official LFG on these forums needs more categories to accommodate for ANY ENDGAME ACTIVITY OR LIMITED TIME EVENT. It would also be very helpful if, for the Raid category, there were ways to filter posts based on difficulty, whether challenges would be attempted, and so on. [b]4)[/b] For further down the line: New EP-like activities should be in their own self-contained area, as opposed to sharing their space with other events.

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