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Burst vs Semi-Auto Sidearms

So I have been playing with the Travelers Judgement 5 for a long time in PvE and after what seemed like an eternity of grinding sleeper nodes, finally aquired the 18 kelvins. I immediately noticed some glaring issues with the semi-auto archetype that keep it from being competitive in the meta. So the 18 Kelvins is able to hold 163 rounds total. Because it is a semi-auto, that number is equal to the pulls of the trigger that you get. The Travelers Judgement holds 480 rounds total. Because it is a burst fire sidearm, we will divide that number by 3 to get the amount of trigger pulls you get, which is 160. On the surface that seems correctly balanced, however all it takes is using a semi-auto sidearm in PvE to see theres 2 major issues: damage and ammo economy. For the purpose of comparing damage I am going to see how much damage the pistols are able to deal across the 160 trigger pulls they are both capable of doing with full ammo. On crit, the 18 Kelvins deals 302 damage. On Crit, on the same enemy type, each bullet in the burst from Travelers Judgement dealt 203, but we're talking about damage per trigger pull so we'll add those bullets together to get 609 damage. Immediately you can probably see an issue, even though the guns get equal amount of trigger pulls, they have vastly different maximum possible damage values based on their ammo capacity. The Travelers Judgement is getting more than double the damage output per trigger pull with almost the exact same total shots with full ammo, which leads to a discrepancy like this: 18 Kelvins 302 dmg x 160= 48,320 dmg Travelers Judgement 609 dmg x 160= 97,440 dmg But this isn't even the only issue. Because the 18 Kelvins is having to shoot almost twice as fast to keep a competitive DPS it essentially has HALF the ammo economy of the Travelers Judgement, creating a near continuous scenario of running out of sidearm ammo, even when picking up green bricks somewhat regularly. I personally prefer using semi-auto sidearms, but these issues make them borderline obsolete. Please balance this accordingly. The semi-autos desperately need deeper ammo reserves and more ammo per brick. That would make them viable ammo and damage-wise. A 30% larger magazine size on semi-autos would also keep them more competitive damage-wise against the burst variants when comparing the damage a single magazine can deal. Sorry for the massive wall of text, but this sort of kills me every time I use a semi-auto in PvE, and its only gotten worse after seeing the cold hard numbers for myself.

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